Croatian media: three Argentine players were given a special task to infuriate Croatia in the semi-finals

According to Dra “en Antoli”, the Doha correspondent of the Morning Post, Croatia’s largest sports media, Argentina is prepared to take some “extraordinary measures” in the match against Croatia.
The following is the original Croatian media report: “We were told that an Argentine player admitted to his teammates at the European club that they had been given the task of challenging Croatia and making them lose the rhythm of the game.” It is reported that the player is a regular member of Argentina’s starting line-up. In a video conference with the club’s teammates, he not only talked about the jokes and comments he had seen so far at the Qatar Stadium, but also said he believed he would drive the Croats so crazy that he could beat Croatia in 60 minutes. The club’s’ dressing room ‘has been noisy ever since. ”
“We can’t say exactly what they’re going to do, but we know the routine behavior that happens when anyone wants to annoy an opponent and influence him to start making mistakes, arguing, and playing cards. In high-intensity games, this tactic has already appeared in Argentina’s match against Holland. Although their behavior has a bad reputation after the game, they are not afraid to do anything they think will help them succeed. ”
“the Argentines believe that our players, especially some of them, are very fragile and will not be able to keep a clear head when they are trampled, cursed, thrown out of words such as’ your wife and I are xx ‘and strangled. According to previous revelations, players will be sent off or score at least two goals within an hour at most. Three Argentine players are said to have received special instructions on how to provoke three Croatian players. ”
The media finally said that Croatian coach Dariq has been aware of the above information, he also knows that those players will be challenged, but their identities will not be disclosed here.