Croatian President criticizes Argentina: entering the final depends on penalty kick Brazil is the strongest and Croatian President criticizes Argentina: Brazil is the strongest in the final.

Beijing time on December 15, Qatar World Cup semi-finals Croatia 0-3 lost to Argentina to stop the semi-finals.
A few days ago, Croatian President Milanovic criticized Argentina in an interview with the media, saying: “the penalty that Argentina got is simply fabricated. I don’t believe anyone would support Argentina. They got two. Maybe three penalty kicks that don’t exist.” So far in this World Cup, Argentina has scored four penalties in six games, all of which were taken by Lionel Messi, scoring three goals and losing one. )
In addition, the Croatian president also mentioned Brazil, he said: “I regret the elimination of Brazil, because Brazil is a better team than Argentina.” But Croatia beat them with an excellent performance, which was a fair and intelligent way. In my opinion, Brazil is the strongest team in this World Cup. ”
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