Daddell: We have been preparing for the battle with Barcelona for a long time, and we finally got the ideal result

January 1 News on December 31, 2022, the 15th round of La Liga this season, the Spaniard
The Spanish team drew 1-1 with Barcelona in the away game. Espanyol captain Daddell said in an interview after the game: We prepared for this game for a long time, and finally got the ideal result.
Daddell said: "This is the first league game after the World Cup. Barcelona has a lot of players going to the World Cup, and we have prepared for this game for a long time, and finally reaped the ideal result. In Barcelona as the Espanyol
It is very difficult for the fans, and I hope the result of today’s game can bring happiness to our supporters.” After this game, the Espanyol team ranked 16th in La Liga with 13 points and is still facing the pressure of relegation.
Del said: "We are aware of the current situation of the team. The only thing we have to do next is to improve our performance and strive for more points. I hope the fans of the Espanyol will work hard with us in the new year.