Dahlich: I hope Modric will play with us in Euro 24, but it’s up to him.

December 17-Qatar World Cup finals will begin tonight, Beijing time. Before the match, Croatian coach Dariq attended the team’s press conference, at which he talked about the situation of the team.
Views on the finals of the third or fourth place
“this is our final, a medal battle. We respect Morocco very much and they are one of the most pleasant surprises in this World Cup. They think the same as we do, and they will compete for medals with their best performance. They want to be the third place and create the best result for the team in the World Cup. They have done a great thing, but we want more. After the World Cup, we have to compete in the European League finals and qualify for the European Cup, so there are a lot of new challenges and competitions waiting for us. ”
You won the three or four finals in 1998.
“this is the first medal for the Croatian national team, which is a major event and a recognition of our country. That was the beginning of our dazzling football success. It’s different now, now we have more important silver medals, but every World Cup is of great significance and we want to make our people happy. Although we already have a bronze medal, this medal is equally important and every medal is important for Croatia. It’s important for us to go home in third place. ”
About the fatigue of the team
“this is the seventh game in less than a month and everyone in the team may be a little tired, so we will see how the training goes during the day. We have to be careful and I want the players to report every problem fairly. We need people who can contribute more than 100%. Everyone wants to play and we have to weigh it so that we don’t have to change players quickly. We need to block their counterattack, their line of defense is very difficult to break through. You have to be patient and wait for the opportunity. Croatia needs to do something better. ”
“No one expected them to go so far. They remind me of Croatia in 1998. Throughout the game, they have grown up, they have shown great emotion, they have the support of the fans and we are facing a more difficult game than the first round. In the first game, there are also unknowns. They are full of confidence, motivation and vitality. Like what they have done, they are not afraid of anyone. They are the most amazing, there are a lot of great powers have failed, so Morocco is an admirable team. ”
Spread and control the future of football
“Spain failed to beat Morocco with 900 passes. France has been playing in different ways for a long time, and the key to the future success of all national teams will be solid defense and a quick start, and such players will be an advantage in the future. We have talents for the future. Maybe this is the last World Cup for our golden generation and we can talk about a new Croatia. By next year, we will prepare a good national team for 2024 and 2026. We must maintain stability, and we cannot undermine that. The important thing is that there is always a soul in the team, which is the only way to succeed. ”
Stanisch vs Mazravi
“Steinicic is our future, he is a great Bayern player and he has played noteworthy games for Croatia. In every training of Bayern, his ability is improving, maybe tomorrow we will see him play against Mazravi, this is also a high-quality showdown, it means a lot to him. ”
How to look at the World Cup in the middle of the season
“the smaller national teams benefit the most because they have the best players in the middle of the season and what happens next remains to be seen. The club will have problems because the players from the national team will return to the team later. But I think the World Cup is a good thing in the middle of the season. ”
Argentina vs France
“both teams are high-quality players, even if they have different styles. Mbappe can make a difference when France can’t control the game, but Argentina has Lionel Messi and he can always solve the game. It will be uncertain and I will not predict it. May a better team win. ”
Modric’s future of the national team
“everything will be decided by Luca and I hope he will play with us in the European Championship for 24 years. I think that’s what he’s going to be, considering his views on football and the national team. ”
The referee of Qatar
“I think FIFA took a lot of risk to make this arrangement, but I hope we don’t talk about referees after the game.”