Deputy director of miners: Arsenal is really interested in Mudrick, and the Italian team dares not buy it.

December 22-Carlo Niccolini, deputy director of Shakhtar Donetsk’s miners’ sports department, confirmed that Arsenal are interested in signing Mourinho during the January transfer window.
“Arsenal’s interest does exist and I can’t deny it. However, today he was called up to attend the first training camp from January 9 to February 9, and then in Warsaw we will prepare for the next European games.
Many clubs are indirectly interested in Mudrick and do not have a formal offer. I got a lot of calls. ‘i believe today’s Italian team finds it difficult to accept such players,’he said. On the one hand, it is because of his value, on the other hand, because they lack the courage to invest in such players. ”
The miners believe that Ukraine international Mudrick is worth 85 million pounds and the club thinks he is one of the best people in his position in the world.
His value has soared after doing well in the Champions League this season, while Arsenal could face a battle.