Deschamps: it is no excuse for players to be affected by colds; they have communicated with referees; congratulations to Argentina

December 19-Didier Deschamps, head coach of the French national team, attended a press conference after the match.
What exactly did you lose in the first 70 minutes?
In the first 60 minutes, the status of the two sides is not equal. The opponents showed great strength and aggressiveness, but we didn’t perform very well for different reasons. In spite of this, we have reversed a very disadvantageous situation and crawled back from nothing, which makes us even more sorry.
We have a chance to win the World Cup at the last minute. But it didn’t smile at us. After that, if we are down 2-0 and we lose 3-0, we will not have the same regret, we will only say congratulations. But I would like to congratulate this Argentine team for their strength, aggressiveness and even cunning (smile). This is what we expected, and their advantages should not be obliterated.
So, after the whole tournament, what is your mood?
There was a lot of emotion, but the end result was cruel. We are very close to what we could have touched, but this is not the case. There are several reasons for our poor performance and the lack of energy of several important players. However, with the appearance of young players, they certainly have less experience, but they have momentum and strength, and we have done what is necessary to give ourselves the right to dream. But this dream did not come true.
Were your players affected by the cold virus before the final?
The whole team has been affected and I don’t know what the physical or psychological impact will be. But for the starters, I’m not worried. None of these are excuses, but we didn’t show enough energy at first, which is why there is no equality at all.
What do you think of being a referee?
(laughter). I hope you haven’t asked this question. I’ll be careful what I say. The referee is the referee, he could have been worse, he could have been better, and some decisions can lead to discussion, just like all games. Before the final, I allowed myself to say that Argentina was not unhappy, and after the game I would not say the opposite. But I don’t want to take away their honor of winning the World Cup. I talked to a referee after the game, but I won’t give details. Congratulations to Argentina.
Does the mood this Sunday make you want to continue coaching?
You’re not the first person to ask me this question tonight. Even if the result is to the contrary, I will not give an answer today. I feel sorry for my players and staff.
As you know, I will have a negotiation with my chairman at the beginning of the year, and you will know.