Dezhuan ranks the value list of Premier League teams: Manchester City tops the list with 1.05 billion euros, followed by the car, guns and demons

March 17, Dezhuan updated the value of Premier League players not long ago, and made an inventory
Looking at the current Premier League team worth rankings, Manchester City ranks first, and Chelsea ranks second. The following is the specific situation:

1. Manchester City 1.05 billion euros (up 3 million euros)

2. Chelsea 1.02 billion euros (down 19 million euros)

3. Arsenal 890 million euros (up 87 million euros)

4. Liverpool 879 million euros (down 52 million euros)

5. Manchester United 796 million euros (up 37 million euros)

6. Tottenham 680 million euros (down 31 million euros)

7. Newcastle 494 million euros (up 20 million euros)

8. West Ham United 452 million euros (down 20 million euros)

9. Leicester City 443 million euros (down 12 million euros)

10. Aston Villa 437 million euros (down 9 million euros)

(tangerine peel is not orange)