Di Marzio: Giroud rejected Everton’s 8.4 million euro annual salary offer and decided to stay in Milan

February 1st, according to reports from Di Marzio, Giroud rejected Everton
Ton’s quote.

The winter window has ended, and many strong Serie A teams have not strengthened in this transfer window.
According to Di Marzio, although there are no signings, many teams want to poach players from Serie A. In recent days, Everton has tried to sign Giroud from Milan.

On January 30, Everton offered Giroud a half-year contract, with bonuses if he stays relegated.
In the case of relegation, Giroud will renew his contract for one year with an annual salary of about 8.4 million euros, but Giroud finally decided to refuse and stay in Milan.

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