Di Marzio: McKenney has agreed to join Leeds United, and Juventus is negotiating on the amount

January 25, according to Di Marzio’s report, McKenney has agreed to join Leeds United

Leeds United have opened negotiations with Juventus on the transfer of McKennie in the last few hours. According to Di Marzio, McKennie has already nodded to the transfer deal. Leeds United likes McKenney very much.
Players can also find many compatriots at this club.

At present, Leeds United and Juventus are still negotiating the transfer amount, but McKenney has already expressed his affirmation of this next home.

If McKenney’s transfer is successfully completed, then Juventus may try to introduce new aid, of course, this also depends on the transfer amount of McKenney.
But what is certain is that if McKenney does not transfer, it will be difficult for Juventus to strengthen in this winter window.

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