Di Marzio: Milan’s bid for new star Osorio has encountered competition, and Villa is also interested in players

January 28, transfer expert Di Marzio revealed that Milan and Villa are competing
Chilean star Dario Osorio.

After giving up the introduction of Zaniolo, Milan still hopes to sign a young winger in the winter, and has taken a fancy to the 19-year-old Chilean teenager Osorio.
Osorio was born in 2004 and currently plays for the University of Chile and has played 3 times on behalf of the Chilean national team.
Earlier, Chilean media said that Milan had already offered 5 million euros for Osorio.

However, Milan is facing strong competition from the Premier League Villa club. Di Marzio revealed that Villa also took a fancy to Osorio and also hoped to sign the new star as soon as possible.

(Su Erhu)