Didier Deschamps: Messi is different from 4 years ago. Now Argentina has strikers to pull space and Messi is freer.

December 15-France and Argentina meet in the World Cup final. Deschamps talked about his opponents Argentina and Messi in an interview after the match.
Didier Deschamps: Messi has been doing well since the start of the World Cup. This is different from four years ago, when Messi was on the court as a striker. Now Argentina has strikers, Messi touches the ball a lot, there is more space on the court, and the team seems to have a tacit understanding.
On how to stop Lionel Messi, Didier Deschamps said: we must try to limit Messi’s role on the pitch as much as possible, just as the other team will do to our players. This Argentine team is different from the Argentine team it faced four years ago.