DigitalBits owed a total of 17.6 million in sponsorship fees, and Inter Milan have given up hope of recovering the arrears.

DigitalBits, the main sponsor of Inter Milan, has failed to pay the sponsorship fee on time for two consecutive periods. According to a report by Inter Milan and team reporter Simone Togna of Tuttosport, the Nerazzurri have given up hope to recover the arrears, and Zhang Kangyang is actively contacting the new sponsors.
According to the report, if the new sponsor Zhang Kangyang is contacting can be put in place within this month, Inter will wear a “streaking” shirt without the DigitalBits logo in the league against Napoli on January 4, as the relationship between Inter and main sponsor DigitalBits has come to an end, and no one inside the club believes that the outstanding sponsorship fees can be recovered.
DigitalBits became an Inter cuff sponsor in 2020×2021 and paid a total of 5 million euros. The following year, DigitalBits officially became the chest advertiser sponsor, and the two sides signed a contract that will not expire until 2025, with a total sponsorship fee of 80 million euros.
However, as soon as the partnership was established, DigitalBits breached the contract. First, they did not pay Inter’s 1.6 million euros bonus for the runner-up in the 202112022 season, and then DigitalBits owed up to 16 million euros in sponsorship fees for two consecutive installments (a total of 24 million yuan) after the start of the 2022Universe 2023 season.
At present, Inter are looking for new partners, but taking over in the middle of the season is obviously not conducive to finding a next player, and the sponsorship fee of 24 million + bonus requested by Inter is not a small amount.
So it is possible for Inter to reach temporary agreements with some sponsors, such as free sponsorship for half a year (during which Inter can join its own brand or advertise to charities), and then wait until the end of the season to negotiate a new partnership agreement.