Dima: The Blues have used up 8 rental quotas and cannot rent out Ziyech. Milan has given up on Rome and is considering

January 27, according to DiMazio’s official website, Rome and Milan
The introduction of Ziyech has encountered difficulties because Chelsea have used up the required 8 loan places.

Both Milan and Roma are interested in signing Ziyech, with Milan seeing him as a wide-ranging target, while Zaniolo is also being sought, the report said.
In addition, Roma regards Ziyech as the preferred replacement for Zaniolo, but both teams hope to sign Ziyech on a rent-to-buy basis, but the problem is that now Chelsea have used up the required 8.
Ziyech cannot be rented out any more.

Therefore, if Milan and Roma want to sign Ziyech, they must consider signing Ziyech directly. Chelsea will not talk about the asking price. Their asking price will be around 20 million euros, but the price is negotiable during the negotiation.
Ziyech’s annual salary at Chelsea is 6 million pounds. It is not yet known how much annual salary he will ask if he goes to Serie A.

In fact, Milan has ruled out the possibility of introducing Ziyech in January, because Milan is currently unable to sign him directly and will continue to pursue Zaniolo.
Rome hasn’t given up yet.

(Real Steel)