DiMazio: Felix wants to go to Paris, Atletico Madrid is asking for 1.3-140 million euros

Di Mazio, an Italian transfer expert, was interviewed by Dutch media SoccerNews a few days ago, in which he talked about the possibility of Atletico Madrid striker Felix leaving the team and the club the players want to go to.
SoccerNews: there are rumors that Felix is ready to start again at a club other than Atletico Madrid. Are there any teams that can afford him and where is a good destination for him?
Di Mazio: “Arsenal are definitely not because he wants to play for Paris.” Atletico Madrid do not want to lose him at all, and they charge him 130 million to 140 million euros. If he were to leave Atletico, Paris would be a logical choice. ”
“after all, not many clubs can afford his price, and Paris is interested in young players for the team’s future, so they can cope with the departure of Mbappe or Neymar. Or there will be a replacement at the end of Messi’s contract. ”
Felix, 23, has a contract with Atletico Madrid until 2026 and is currently worth 50 million euros.