Dugarry: if France can beat Argentina in a normal way, I would like to see Zinedine Zidane coach

December 22-in the World Cup final in Qatar, France fell behind 0-2 early, although they struggled to catch up with the equaliser. However, France finally lost the championship in the penalty shootout. For the performance of the national team and Didier Deschamps handsome position and other topics, the former French international Dugarry expressed his views.
About why I was angry with France in the final.
First of all, I feel disappointed and sad and then angry, because in the face of an opponent who is not as strong as us, the championship is within our reach. I am very disappointed to analyze the game only through emotion or scene, we have to analyze the whole game, because on a World Cup final day, France produced the most disastrous performance in the past 50 years in 80 minutes. I was still shocked by France’s performance 80 minutes before the game. We failed to become world champions because of our 80-minute performance. If we can play at a normal level, we will win the game, there is no problem.
An analysis of 80 minutes before the game
I couldn’t understand their performance at all. Everything went wrong. With the ball, our performance was catastrophic, one-on-one, and we were never able to respond. Why did Grizman and Dembele perform so disastrously? How could Giroux move like that?
About Deschamps.
My hostility to Deschamps is beside the point. Whether he is in the national team for 5 years, 10 years or more than 15 years is not my problem, nor is it up to me to decide. I will not hide the fact that I would prefer Zinedine Zidane to coach, I would like to see others come to the national team. I’ve heard what Deschamps said, but you can’t say that the national team belongs to someone and stay in this position for 12 years, especially if there is a possible successor who has won three consecutive championships in the Champions League, that person can bring something to the national team. By the way, the coach of the national team has nothing to do with me.
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