Dumas: Felix wants to go to Paris; Mudrick wants 35 million; Bellingham 100 million +

On December 16th, the Dutch media SoccerNews had an exclusive interview with the famous Italian Sky Sports reporter Di Mazio.
SoccerNews: Prisic is likely to leave Chelsea, with Manchester United, Newcastle and Arsenal as his possible destinations. Or should he choose the Bundesliga and Bayern Munich?
Dumas: I don’t think he will go to Bayern Munich, but it depends on Manet’s injury. If he is out for a long time, Bayern can try Prisic or Marcus Thuram. Thuram will be a free agent next summer, so he can go to Munich. If Bayern really decide they want a winger, then these are two candidates.
SoccerNews: Rushford is linked to Paris Saint-Germain. Will he take this step?
Dumas: it depends on the future of Neymar, Lionel Messi and Mbappe.
SoccerNews: some people say that Felix is ready to start over. Who can afford him and where is the best place to start?
Dumas: Arsenal are definitely not because he wants to play for Paris Saint-Germain. And Atletico Madrid refused to let people go, their asking price for Felix is 1.3-140 million euros! Paris Saint-Germain will be a logical choice, after all, it is too expensive, and not many teams can pay this kind of salary.
Paris Saint-Germain is interested in future young players so they can prepare for the departure of Neymar or Mbappe. Or, when Messi’s contract expires, they have a replacement.
SoccerNews: Arsenal and Mudrick are linked. What news do you have?
Dumas: Mudrick is excellent. AC Milan want him in the summer in case Rafael Leo leaves, but he is too expensive for Milan. At present, Arsenal are trying to sign him because they know they are negotiating a very talented player.
But whether an agreement can be reached in January… I have no idea. They are in a good position to chase him, that’s for sure. But: the miners are a tough team in the negotiations and they may offer him 35 million euros.
SoccerNews: Bellingham is the dominant player in the transfer market and he is arguably the best player for England in the World Cup. Liverpool have been interested in him for some time, but Manchester City are also interested in him. What should he do?
Dumas: Liverpool is a good choice for him. Klop knows the Bundesliga like the back of his hand and can inspire him to his full potential. In addition, Liverpool need players like him, but the high price makes it difficult for them to simply sign him.
Anyway, it’s a summer deal. He recently got a new agent, but it has nothing to do with the negotiations. His parents are in charge of negotiations now, but I don’t think anything will happen in January. If you ask me, Liverpool is Bellingham’s dream destination, Manchester United seem to have dropped out, and his price is between 100m and 130 million euros.
Note: many of DiMazio’s interviews are “what I think” personal opinions, which does not mean that they are exact news.