Dumas: real Madrid and Chelsea Football Club have made an offer for Gwadior. Croatia has duo in level 07.

On December 16th, the Dutch media SoccerNews had an exclusive interview with the famous Italian Sky Sports reporter Di Mazio.
SoccerNews: Gachapo is one of the key players in the World Cup. He has been watched by Manchester United for a long time, but now Liverpool and even Real Madrid are likely to chase him. Where do you think is the most suitable?
Dumas: I think it’s Manchester United or Liverpool, but it might be better at Manchester United because they don’t have Cristiano Ronaldo anymore. Only Premiership clubs can afford him because PSV Eindhoven are asking a high price for him. So I think it will be a battle between Manchester United and Liverpool.
Maybe there will be a transfer in January, but I don’t think so. I expect we will face a “different” market in January. Giacopo may not leave until the summer, but Manchester United are likely to start negotiations as they have to choose a striker to replace Ronaldo.
SoccerNews: Gwadior may be the best centre-back in the 2022 World Cup and several clubs are interested in him. Where is his future?
Dumas: I know Chelsea and Real Madrid are most interested in him at the moment. They have made an offer, but his transfer value has soared because of his performance in the World Cup. Chelsea may try it in January, but Real Madrid prefer to trade next summer.
I think Madrid will be the best choice for his career. Not only because we are talking about Real Madrid, but also because of Carlo Ancelotti, he can make him better. The Italian coach always knows more about defense.
All the top clubs are competing for Gwadior, but in Croatian youth training, the level of defenders is very high. Two of them were targeted by different superpowers.
One on the right and one on the left, but they are all players in 2007, so they are still very young. The first thing I say is Luca Vuskovich, he is a right-footed player, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund and Red Bull Salzburg are all watching him. Another defender is Pridzic, and Juventus, Red Bull Salzburg and Borussia Dortmund are all interested in him.
Everyone is talking about Gwadior now, but in the next few years, fans and technical directors will talk about Vusovic and Pridzic. They are the best defensive talents in Croatia at present.
Note: many of DiMazio’s interviews are “what I think” personal opinions, which does not mean that they are exact news.