Dybala: Although I have not recovered to 100%, I gritted my teeth and insisted on helping my teammates and the coach

February 24th at 4 am today in the second round of the Europa League play-off,
Roma defeated Red Bull Salzburg 2-0 at home and successfully advanced to the last 16 of the Europa League with a total score of 2-1 in the two rounds.
Roma player Dybala was interviewed after the game.

Dybala first said: “We knew it would be a very difficult game. We played this game as a final, we gave everything, we showed our desire to win and our personality, we played an impressive game.
An unbelievable game, we fought for every ball and we won. Today more than ever we showed that we deserved it.”

Dybala was injured in the first leg and missed last weekend’s Serie A, but he started for Roma and scored a goal in the 39th minute.
Dybala said: “In this kind of game, I know that even if I haven’t reached 100%, I have to give more. I want to help my teammates and the coach, so I gritted my teeth and insisted.”

Dybala joined Roma last summer and was immediately loved by Roma fans.
“I’ve seen the fanaticism of the fans at home in Roma in the past, but it’s completely different when you’re there. We also give more for the fans, the coach wants us to do more for the fans, because the Roma fans
We’ve done a lot. The fans helped us and we deserved the win.”

Dybala also said: “We are eager to prove that we are a strong team. Many of my teammates won a European trophy last season, which is not a small trophy. And this game made us feel the pressure, but
Coach Mourinho understands that very well, he knows what to do at this level of competition and has given us suggestions to improve.”

In the end, Dybala said: “I try to bring happiness to people and enjoy football, but always work hard, which is the most important thing. I hope we continue to move forward. Now we have to think about the next opponent Cremona,
We have to go game by game. We have to give our all in Serie A and in the Europa League.”

(Su Erhu)