Eastern Sports: Almost no team is willing to offer a maximum salary of 5 million for domestic players, and player salaries are linked to “KPI”

February 22nd News Yesterday afternoon, the Chinese Football Association released “About the 2023 Super League, Chinese
“Notice on Matters Concerning the Transfer Registration of Players from Clubs A and China B”, the two transfer window dates for the new season of the Chinese Super League are from February 22 to April 7, 2023, and from July 1 to July 31, 2023.
According to the “Oriental Sports Daily” report, people familiar with the analysis said that the large-scale player transactions in the Chinese Super League are likely to appear before the window is closed, and at present, basically no team is willing to offer a maximum salary of 5 million for domestic players.

This winter’s transfer window coincides with the expiration of the contracts of many heavyweight players, and some teams have gradually become “player supermarkets” due to reasons such as relegation, dissolution, or slow progress in shareholding reform.
Although in the transfer rules of this season, there is still no quota limit for the newly transferred domestic players of the Super League, China A and China B clubs, but there are still no relatively heavyweight and large-scale transactions.

For example, players who have attracted much attention such as Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao, and Zhang Xiuwei in the Guangzhou team have disappeared.
It is reported that although the Guangzhou team is no longer the same, the contract between the club and its players is still very binding, and it is still very difficult to bargain or make one-way cuts.
The attitude of these players to transfer is still to charge a certain amount of transfer fee in order to pay off the owed salary in the future.

Some people familiar with the matter analyzed that, after all, there are still more than two months before the window closes, and the real large-scale transactions may not appear until the end of the transfer window.

Before the opening of this year’s transfer window, although the Chinese Football Association did not mention salary cuts again, basically no team was willing to offer a maximum salary of 5 million yuan before tax for domestic players.
Some insiders even revealed that some teams negotiate new contracts using workplace KPI (key performance indicators) assessments such as “basic salary appearance rate team performance individual performance national game data”.
From the current point of view, it will be difficult for the Super League transfer market to usher in a recovery, and it is very likely that some players will lose their jobs after the transfer window closes.