Eggs surpassed by Messi: 👀, I have one last question left. Merlot, who’s GOAT?

Yesterday, the “world record egg”, which holds the record of ins likes, was surpassed by Messi. The egg posted a message today, asking Merlot who is GOAT.
Egg: we set a goal four years ago, and nine days later we made Internet history together, 🤍, and now Messi has taken the crown (at least now 👀), but I still have one more question. Who is the best in history? Messi or Ronaldo?
In January 2019, ins user @ world_record_egg posted a dynamic with a picture of an egg and wrote: “Let’s set a world record together!” Create the most liked Ins post, breaking Kelly Jenna’s world record of 18 million likes. ”