Ekitik: I know my reasons for choosing Paris, and I’m sure there will always be questions here.

December 28-after joining Paris Saint-Germain this summer, Ekitik did not get too much playing time. He played a total of 273 minutes, contributing a goal and two assists to the team. Ekitik talked about his current situation in an interview with Canal+ a few days ago, saying that he knows very well why he chose to join Paris and that he will always be questioned here.
Ekitik said: “I know why I chose to join Paris.” When you come to a club like this, there must be a lot of expectations. The outside world also has high expectations for me, and once my performance does not meet their requirements, they will ask all kinds of questions about my ability. ”
“I know very well that there will always be all kinds of questions about where I am now, because I was heavily labeled when I came here. I need to accept this label. This should not be a problem. If I don’t behave well, I should be the first to say it. If I do well, I will stay here and should try to continue this good performance. ” Eketik said.