Eniesta: I didn’t bear the pressure to win the World Cup, Messi realized his dream.

December 22-as a legend of both Barcelona and Spain, Eniesta has a brilliant career. His combination with Xavi and Lionel Messi has brought countless glory to Barcelona, including the six-crown king under Guardiola. And he also contributed the last goal in the 2010 World Cup final. In an interview with Efi, Eniesta talked about Lionel Messi, who has just led Argentina to the World Cup.
About whether Messi revealed his desire to win the World Cup when he was in Barcelona.
We don’t talk a lot about this topic directly, but it’s a dream for any player to win the World Cup, especially for a player like Lionel Messi. In the end, he realized this dream in an outstanding way.
Whether winning the World Cup has brought great joy and relieved the burden.
Whether it is necessary for Messi to ask him this way, but not for me, there are countless players who have failed to win the World Cup. Winning the World Cup is a wonderful, special and historic thing. However, for me to win this championship is not a heavy burden on my shoulders, because I have never taken on such a responsibility. For Messi, not only he, but the whole of Argentina has been facing the challenge of winning the championship.
About whether I was surprised that Messi showed such a level at the age of 35.
No, I’m not surprised at all. Messi has shown a very high standard in all competitions and has been able to play a decisive role throughout his career. At the end of his career, he showed this again. Messi will continue to show high standards before he stops his career, and that’s what he can do. Between now and the end of his career, Messi will sometimes show a medium-to-high standard, and sometimes he will show a super-high standard. However, he is a very unique player.
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