Enketia: I saw Lima’s position and knew that I was not offside. The team is very eager to win

January 23, the 21st round of the Premier League, Arsenal 3-2 Manchester United.
Saka scored a goal, Nketiah scored twice and completed the lore.
Enketia said in an interview after the game that he saw Lima’s position and thought he was not offside.
In addition, he also said that the team has a strong desire to win.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Nketiah talked about his lore goal. He said: “I saw Lima standing next to me, so I thought I was onside. But when you really look at it
When the purple (VAR) screen comes on, your heart is always going to be a little excited.”

“You could see how much we wanted to win. How much we wanted to win for ourselves and for our fans. We worked hard and thank God we scored.”