Enzo’s agent published a group photo in Argentina and interacted with Enzo, Benfica felt uneasy

02 January Enzo-Fernandez’s consultant/agent Uriel Pérez published on Instagram
A photo, which was recorded yesterday afternoon, is marked in Buenos Aires.

“What a wonderful way to say goodbye to 2022 and start 2023! Happy New Years everyone and always be positive from now on.”

Enzo himself also replied on Instagram: “I really like you, friend!”

Enzo then received a thank you from the advisor: “I really like you! Thank you and your family for sharing these moments with me.”

It is worth noting that Benfica is deeply disturbed by the relevant situation, and Enzo will have to appear on Benfica’s training ground today, otherwise the situation may have a greater reaction.

Previously, the Portuguese media reported that Enzo himself had disobeyed the order of coach Schmidt and returned to Argentina privately. The photos published by his consultant also seemed to “betray” him.