Europa League Briefing: Milan 1-0 Prague Sparta Haiyug scored a one-stop goal

at 04:00 on December 11th, the UEFA Europa League Group H Group, Prague
Sparta vs. AC Milan.
In the first half of the game, Haug scored, Sparta Prague 0-1 AC Milan in the half; in the second half, AC Milan had no obvious chance to score, Plesti was dyed red, and Tartarusanu refused to single-handedly in stoppage time.
In the end, AC Milan beat Sparta Prague 1-0 away and qualified as the top of the group.

Key events:

In the 22nd minute, AC Milan scored the first goal.
Dalot scored a strong goal from the left, Hayug got the ball and broke into the penalty area brilliantly, calmly faced the goalkeeper and scored with his right foot, Sparta Prague 0-1 AC Milan.

In the 76th minute, Plehaj shoveled and kicked Raphael Leo, who was advancing with the ball, and the referee directly showed him a red card to send him off.


AC Milan vs Sparta Prague Full H2 Replay

AC Milan vs Sparta Prague Full H2 Replay

The best player in the game: Heuger

Haug has been directly involved in 3 goals (2 goals, 1 assist) in the last 2 Europa League group matches.

After the game, coach Pioli said in an interview: “His strongest ability is one-on-one breakthrough, and the speed of the ball is very fast at his feet. But he must also improve his ability without the ball, because it is impossible to put the ball at any time.
The ball is given to him, he has to learn to insert behind the opponent’s defense without the ball, these are areas that can be improved. Haug is currently undergoing key growth, we hope to polish his various skills, the club can often find
Such an interesting guy, and getting the deal done right away, we’re very happy with Haug.”

Technical statistics:

The list of players:

Sparta Prague starting: 29-Heka, 41-Vitick, 5-Plehaj, 13-Lischka, 28-Wesner, 16-Sacek (82′ 9-Krejic
), 6-Soucek, 36-Karabetz (44′ 37-Krejic), 24-Polidar, 11-Minchev (66′ 39-Julis), 22-Plav
Hitch (66′ 7-Moberry-Carlsson);

Unappeared substitutes: 1-Nita, 77-Holetz, 15-Hanosek, 25-Taravinik, 32-Windheim, 43-Adam Gabriel, 56-Rines.

AC Milan starting: 1-Tatarusanu, 5-Dalot, 43-Leo Duarte, 20-Kalulu, 14-Andrea Conte, 27-Daniel Maldini
(78′ 79-Casey), 8-Tonali, 33-Krunic, 7-Castillejo, 15-Haug (90′ 21-Brahim-Dias), 29-
Lorenzo Colombo (67′ 17-Raphael Leo);

Unappeared substitutes: 90-Antonio Donnarumma, 89-Molleri, 2-Calabria, 46-Gabbia, 19-Theo Hernandez, 22-Musacchio,
88-Mionik, 56-Salemarks, 12-Rebic.