Every body: Hazard has no future in Real Madrid, and the high salary contract is a huge obstacle for him to leave

January 4 According to the Daily Sports Daily, Hazard has no future in Real Madrid
, but his high salary contract is a huge obstacle for him to leave Real Madrid.

Real Madrid has a serious problem with Hazard, and the Copa del Rey game against Caceres proved this again.
The Belgian is practically incapable of playing at the top level, but his contract is still that of an elite player, which is a huge obstacle to his exit from the Bernabeu.

Hazard arrived at Real Madrid from Chelsea for 160 million euros in 2019 and despite his official transfer offer of around 115 million euros, injuries and a poor professional attitude hampered his performances.

Three and a half years later, his competitive level has declined significantly, and his value has been severely depreciated in the transfer market.
In the German transfer market, Hazard’s transfer value is only 7.5 million euros.

Sentenced in sport, Real Madrid have serious problems with Hazard financially.
The Belgian striker’s contract runs until June 2024.
Real Madrid hope that Hazard will leave by next summer at the latest, and it would be even better if it is in the winter window.
If feasible, Real Madrid is willing to let him go free.

But in the same situation as Bale before it, which has already happened to the Welshman, it seems impossible for any club to pay Hazard a transfer fee, and there is no expectation that Hazard will give up what he signed in the contract.

For Real Madrid, the obvious solution would be to strike a deal with a club Hazard likes, who are willing to shoulder his wages in the same way Bale has, with the Welshman already on loan at Tottenham in 2020 and 2021.