Every game: Newcastle United are interested in bringing in Deppe, and they hope to persuade the players to join the winter window.

December 20-according to the Spanish Daily Sports News, Barcelona striker Deppe may leave the team in the winter window, Newcastle United are very interested in him.
Limited by the financial fairness clause, it is difficult for Barcelona to strengthen their squad in the winter window. They need to send away the players before bringing in reinforcements. Deppe is the player Barcelona wants to send away.
Deppe already knows he is in the transfer market and the player’s contract with Barcelona expires next summer and the winter window is Barcelona’s last chance to get a transfer fee from him.
Newcastle United are interested in Deppe. Newcastle boss Eddie Howe had hoped to sign Deppe this summer, but without success, Newcastle will try to persuade him to join in the next few days.
Barcelona will be free of Deppe in the summer of 2021, they want to get a transfer fee of 10 million euros to 15 million euros from the players, while the players want Barcelona to be a free agent so that he can get a higher salary.
Now in front of the economically powerful Newcastle United, Deppe’s deal may become easy.