exactly 20: do you regret leaving Milan? As a gentleman, I congratulate them on their championship.

Internazionale midfielder Chiar Khan Olu today accepted an exclusive interview with Italy’s Corriere della Sera. He also talked about topics related to his old club AC Milan.
The league will resume in January. Are you ready?
I feel great now and I have been training during the holiday. I want to make an important contribution to Inter. I got help from the club when I first joined and they made me feel at ease. I want to repay that trust by winning another championship trophy, maybe the Serie A.
Inter are 11 points behind leaders Napoli. Do you still believe they can make a comeback?
Yes, we certainly believe that if we can show the same performance as the second half of the first half, we can do it.
On January 4th Inter will face Napoli.
This is a decisive match, the result of this game is very important for the second half, we want to win the game, and we are also the favourites at home, the team is currently preparing in the right way. We want to show our level.
After Brozovic’s return, your position may be different.
Smart players can adapt to different positions and I think I’m used to it. I play in midfield for the national team, whether it’s more front or back, as long as you have the right mindset, you can make a difference. we have to be braver in the confrontation.
Do you think you are such a player?
I think I have improved in the confrontation. I used to play the classic 10 position with lighter and more elegant style. I am not “unscrupulous” as I am now. Now my position has changed and I have played more aggressively. I also run more and made some sacrifices for the team.
Are you eager to score more goals?
I’m not interested in calculating goals and assists. I know a lot of people care about the numbers, but as long as you play well, the numbers will come.
Did Osilio call you? Have you talked about renewing the contract?
No, not yet. I want to talk, and I’m waiting for him to call me.
Will Shikrinia stay at Inter?
I hope so. He is a good player and one of the leaders of the team like Han Danovic. He will make a decision with the club, but I hope he can stay.
How was your relationship with little Inzaghi?
Very good, he is Inter most want to sign me, from the first day he said that he trusted my ability, and praised my guest position in Brozovic’s performance, we have won two trophies together, only one league title.
Are you concerned about the performance of Lautaro and Argentina in the World Cup?
I only watched the final and it was a wonderful match. Although Italy and Turkey are sorry to miss the World Cup, I am also happy for Lautaro. We are friends. I know how much he cares about the World Cup. We also look forward to his return to the Inter base as a world champion and we will celebrate together.
Lukaku’s trip to the World Cup was not so smooth.
I hope he can come back with a lot of blood. With Lukaku, we are a completely different and stronger team. In any case, we have a lot of good players, especially thanks to Dzeko. His goal brought Inter through the difficult times. We are still fourth because Dzeko and, of course, Correa and other players are very important and we have to stick together.
You will play Porto in the Champions League.
Winning the Champions League is one of my dreams. I believe there is a chance this year. For some reason, I have a special feeling that we have cheered up after losing to Bayern. Porto are a strong team. If we can show our performance against Barcelona, we can advance to the next round.
On January 18th you will compete with Milan for the Italian Super Bowl.
This final is very special and we will keep a good attitude and try to win in Riyadh.
Speaking of former club Milan, do you regret that they won the league title after you left?
I respect Milan. I have a good relationship with Pioli, Maldini and Massala. As a gentleman, I would congratulate them on winning the league title last season. Friends are regardless of camp, but for me, Milan is a thing of the past. I’m only focused on Inter.
Who will win the 20th league title first? (second star), Milan or Inter?
(laughter) then only God knows.