Fabregas: I asked my teammates once World Cup or5 Champions League Champions League, 90% chose the World Cup

December 23-Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas, who currently works for Serie B club Cuomo, conducted an interactive Q & A with fans on Twitter and answered a lot of questions.
-do you want to win five Champions League or one World Cup?
“I asked this question in the dressing room of the team I played for, and 90% of the answer was that winning a World Cup is more important than any other game won.”
Will the No. 10 player still be popular in modern football in the next few years?
“if you are referring to the typical No. 10 players, such as Kaka, Rui Costa, Hames Rodriguez and so on, the reality is that football is moving away from these types of players, and the use of the 10th position is completely different now.”
-the happiest and saddest moment of your football career?
“win the World Cup and lose the Champions League final.”
Which Real Madrid player would you like to play with?
“now for Real Madrid, Benzema and Cross.”
-what is the most important ability to be a great midfielder?
“to be specific about the ability to move forward, break through the defence with a pass and analyze the situation of the pitch and teammates before the ball reaches you.
It doesn’t make any sense for me to have 95% passing accuracy that doesn’t affect the game. ”
-the best young player right now?
“I really like Bayern Mushara, he is very talented and smart, and he seems to have determination and fighting spirit.”
Which Spanish player would you sign for Chelsea regardless of the money and why?
“Dani Olmo, if Chelsea continue to play in this system, he will be a good supplement.”
-is your combination with Xavi and Eniesta the best in history?
“I’m not sure, but we did win a lot together.”
-the toughest opponent you played against in the Premier League?
“Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez and Mourinho’s Chelsea.”
-the most technically talented player you have ever worked with during your time at Arsenal?
“Bergkamp, Rosicky and Hleb.”
Which one do you choose for Lionel Messi in 11 / 12, 14 / 15 or 18 / 19?
“he and I were teammates, and he scored the most goals.”
-choose a game where you think you can play better on your own?
“Chelsea’s Champions League game against Paris Saint-Germain, we took it for granted and paid the price. I am very disappointed in myself.”
Have you considered your career as a coach?
“I’m trying!”