Falke: If Chelsea’s offer reaches 10 million, Borussia will let Thuram Jr. join in the winter window

January 13 News reporter Falk wrote about Thuram Jr. in his column
He said that if Chelsea’s offer reaches 10 million euros, Borussia will let the player leave in January.

Farke said that Borussia is still waiting for Chelsea’s offer for Thuram Jr. Although the Blues have welcomed Felix to join, Thuram Jr. and Felix are players with different styles and they also need another player.

Borussia is more inclined to sell Thuram Jr. with a transfer fee of 10 million euros in the winter window, rather than waiting for the player to leave the team freely after the summer contract expires, but there is no offer yet. The club is a little worried that Barcelona will join the competition because they are mopping up
Every possible free agent on the market.

Thuram Jr. believes that he has no need to transfer now, and wants to compete for the Bundesliga Golden Boot this season, but if Chelsea pays 10 million euros, he will have to leave the team.