Falling leaves return to their roots, official: 33-year-old Kagawa Shinji returns to Osaka Sakura again after 12 years

February 01 News J League Osaka Sakura officially announced that former Japanese international Kagawa Shinji joined the team.

Shinji Kagawa is 33 years old.
He joined Dortmund at a price of 350,000 euros in July 2010 and started his overseas career.
In the Dortmund team coached by Klopp, Shinji Kagawa shined brilliantly. He played 71 times on behalf of the team in 2 seasons, scored 29 goals and sent 16 assists, helping the team win the Bundesliga consecutively.
Two consecutive championships.
Relying on his excellent performance in the Hornets, Shinji Kagawa landed in England in the summer of 2012 and joined Manchester United.
However, Shinji Kagawa, who was plagued by injuries, declined all the way and gradually lost his chance to play.
In the summer of 2014, Shinji Kagawa returned to Dortmund.
Then he played for Besiktas, Zaragoza, PAOK and St. Turden.

The former Japan international was selected for the Japanese national team for the first time in 2008, helping the team win the Asian Cup in Qatar in 2011, and then participated in two World Cups with the team in Brazil and Russia.
He left the Japanese national team with 31 goals in 97 games.

Affected by Shinji Kagawa’s injury this season, he has not played for Saint-Truden since November last year due to a leg injury.
He only scored 2 goals in 12 appearances.