Famous: Neuer has the right to be interviewed, even if he doesn’t have the right, who else has

02, 16 News After the heat of the match between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain gradually dissipated,
The focus of German media attention has returned to Bayern Munich’s “infighting lace”.

Bayern Munich captain Manuel Neuer has received a lot of criticism following his controversial interview, but he is gaining more and more support these days.
Former Germany international and Bayern Munich player Thomas Helmer has also expressed his support in recent interviews.

Helmer said that he could not understand the negative response to Neuer from the outside world. He said: “I am very happy that a player accepted such an interview instead of choosing to watch the news 10 times in silence afterwards.
Unusual thing.”

Although Helmer also recognized that there were “problems dealing with each other” between Bayern Munich and Neuer, he ultimately believed that the matter was overblown. He said: “Such statements are not that dramatic, but,
If Neuer is not allowed to be interviewed, who else is? It’s up to him.”

Helmer also doesn’t think the story between Bayern Munich and Neuer will end because of this. He said: “If Neuer is in a good mood, it will be difficult for the coach to let him sit on the bench.”