Famous reporter: Atletico Madrid invited Real Madrid midfielder Ceballos, the player has not yet decided

February 07 News According to the news from the well-known reporter Jose Felix Diaz of “Marca”, Real Madrid midfielder Ceballos
Llos received an invitation from Atletico Madrid, the player’s contract is about to expire,

Since entering 2023, Ceballos’ performance has improved significantly and has been affirmed by all parties. Real Madrid has also expressed its willingness to renew the contract, but JFD said that at least for now, the club has not given a formal answer.

At present, apart from Atletico Madrid, Ceballos has also received invitations from Aston Villa and Milan. The player’s current first choice is to stay in Real Madrid, and he will not consider going to other leagues for the time being.
But at least for now, the possibility of joining Atletico Madrid has not completely disappeared.

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid had an unwritten “gentleman’s agreement” before, and the two clubs agreed not to poach corners from each other. However, with the flow of personnel between the two teams in the past few years, such an agreement has become a waste of paper.

JFD said that Ceballos still hopes to stay in Real Madrid, and Real Madrid does not want to lose Asensio and Ceballos easily, but on the other hand, the two are not the absolute main force of the team at present, and the club hopes to see the future
The performance of Ceballos and Asensio in a few months before deciding whether to renew the contract.