Fan Zhendong: the team I support most is Real Madrid. If my skills are compared with C Robbie, it will be 0 points.

December 26-in an interview with Table Tennis World, Fan Zhendong talked about football in his eyes, revealing that he is a Real Madrid fan.
What is the reason for the most supportive football team?
Real Madrid, the reason is to play well.
One of the favorite football stars, what is the reason?
In the past, I often said that I liked Drogba. At the beginning, I looked at his collection. I thought he had strength and dexterity, and he was more comprehensive. I like so much now that everyone plays well.
Which position do you play on your own?
I like to play in midfield.
Which jersey will you choose? What is the reason for choosing this number?
The 99th. Ronaldo seems to be the 99th in Milan. It feels good.
— what’s the score for your skills?
I scored 0 with Ronaldo. I can’t play football. I’m not as good as ping-pong.
(Nanling weeps)