Father: not surprised by Grizman’s performance. When he was a child, he played in midfield and could run and tackle.

December 15-Grizman played very well in the midfield of the World Cup, the player’s father Alain talked about it in an interview.
“Yes, I rediscovered him and he played a different role on the pitch. He played in midfield when he was a child, but we let him play as a striker when he grew up. I’m not surprised by his performance. He is a man who can read the game faster than anyone else. He knows to pass the ball as soon as he catches it. He has three lungs and can run and tackle, which is good for the team. ”
As for whether Grizman can win individual awards, his father said: “the team is a whole, and football is a team sport, not an individual sport.” I am very proud of France’s victory over Morocco, the two excellent teams showed excellent performance, the two sides can be said to be very close, Morocco played very well, they are two good teams with team value, which is very important. ”
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