Ferdinand Maguire should leave Manchester United immediately, Ten Hag did not give him enough respect

January 10 According to the "Daily Mail" report, Ferdinand urged Maguire in an interview
Leaving Manchester United immediately because he believes Ten Hag has not given Maguire the respect he deserves.

Ferdinand said in an interview last month that if he were Maguire he would look for a new club.
Because of Luke Shaw’s outstanding performance in the central defender position, Maguire was able to use this as a reason to ask for a transfer.

Ferdinand said in an interview: "Luke Shaw replaced him as a centre-back. It’s like I came back from the World Cup and people said I was doing well, but Evra replaced me as a centre-back.
position. I would be very angry about it, and I would beat Evra in training to make sure he didn’t play. Then, I would go to the manager and ask him if he had a problem with me.
? I would have walked straight into his office and told him ‘you don’t respect me’. Maguire should have left, he stayed to play more games and he’s not getting that opportunity now."

Maguire’s performance in the World Cup in Qatar was very good, which made people change their previous perception of him.
After the World Cup, people hope to see the recovery of Maguire’s form at Manchester United.
But it seems that Ten Hag still prefers the combination of Varane and Lisandro Martinez.
Moreover, even though Maguire performed well in the World Cup, this did not seem to change Ten Hag’s mind. He would rather use Luke Shaw as a central defender than Maguire.

Maguire joined Manchester United for 80 million pounds in 2019. The two sides signed a six-year contract, and Manchester United also gave him the captain’s armband.
But now, Maguire’s three-plus-year United career may be coming to an end.

It is understood Maguire was photographed eating at a restaurant near Aston Villa’s training ground last Saturday, fueling the rumors.
But on Sunday, rumors of Maguire joining Aston Villa were dismissed.