Ferdinand: Tashuai did not perform well at the beginning of leading the team, but Arsenal sees the future in him

January 25 Ferdinand said in a podcast that although Arteta led the team in the early stage
Not as good as expected, but the club sees a long-term future in him, so they have been supporting him.

Ferdinand said: “This (Arteta’s success at Arsenal) makes you understand that patience and giving time are important. Find a coach you believe in and give him enough time.”

“Guardiola told me the good things about Arteta. He said this guy works so hard, really hard, he’s passionate, he’s so committed, he’s so focused on what he’s doing.

“He knows what he’s doing and you can see why the club hired him, why they stuck with him, and in the beginning things didn’t work out the way they were supposed to, but they saw the long-term future.”

“I think the biggest difference between the two teams (Manchester United and Arsenal) is that one team looks like it’s been in for a long time and the other looks like, at the end of this game, it’s just started.
his journey.”

“You have to find a point where you stick to it. Arsenal saw a hard-working attitude in Arteta, a plan and a method. That’s why they backed Arteta.”