Ferdinand: The atmosphere at the Carrington base has changed a lot, and I feel confident here

February 21 News Manchester United legend Ferdinand recently visited the Carrington base. He said on his personal podcast platform,
A lot has changed at the Carrington base.

Ferdinand said: “The atmosphere at Carrington and Old Trafford has changed a lot, the Carrington base has become more positive, even the cafeteria has changed, the food is different, it looks and feels different.
When I used to walk through the corridors of the training ground, I had a very negative feeling.

This time when I walked out of the training ground alone, standing there smiling, I could feel what was happening here, I didn’t know what was, and I didn’t know what was going to happen in the future, but the atmosphere was very different, this place had confidence, I
I can also feel from the staff that they are more optimistic and happy to work every day.
It’s all created by ten Hag and his management team and some people behind the scenes because one person cannot change the culture of the club, it’s a collective way.

Speaking of Manchester United’s performance this season, Ferdinand said: “Considering they are still fighting for four trophies, this is the right path, although I don’t think they will win four trophies, and the feeling of going to Carrington and Old Trafford.
Also more positive. I haven’t seen that vibe in a while when they’re out in the corridors and out to practice, I haven’t felt it before.”