FIFA subsidizes the club: $370000 per player in the final, while Manchester City charges 5.58 million, the highest in the world.

FIFA will allocate a subsidy of 209 million US dollars (169 million pounds) according to the number and extent of players from each club participating in the World Cup, the Times reported.
British media said that for every player participating in the World Cup group stage, the club can apply for a subsidy of US $180000 from FIFA, US $220000 in the top 16, US $280000 in the top 8, US $320000 in the top 4, and US $370000 in the finals.
The money will include players from all teams, whether they play or not. However, if a player has been at the club for less than two years, some of the money may need to be shared with the previous club.
The highest subsidy goes to Manchester City, where the Blue Moon will receive 4.5 million pounds ($5.58 million) and 16 of their players have participated in the World Cup.
Barcelona, which had 17 participants in the World Cup, received $4.1 million, affecting the amount of subsidies as Spain, with eight members of the Red and Blue Legion, was eliminated by Morocco.
Manchester United won 2.92 million pounds, Chelsea 2.47 million pounds, Tottenham 2.33 million pounds, Arsenal 2.11 million pounds and Liverpool 1.55 million pounds.