FIFA year-end ranking: Brazil still ranks first, while Argentina and France, winner and runner-up of the World Cup, are second and third respectively.

FIFA announced the ranking of the national team at the end of the year. After the World Cup, the ranking of each national team has changed.
Brazil remained in first place, with Argentina and France second and third in the World Cup, while Morocco soared to 11th.
Chinese men’s football team recently ranked 80th in the world & 11th in Asia, down 1 place from the previous period.
Top 20 ↓
1. Brazil
2. Argentina
3. France
4. Belgium
5. England
6. The Netherlands
7. Croatia
8. Italy
9. Portugal
10. Spain
11. Morocco
12. Switzerland
13. USA
14. Germany
15. Mexico
16. Uruguay
17. Colombia
18. Denmark
19. Senegal
20. Japan
In the previous ranking, Brazil, Belgium and Argentina were in the top three, France and England were four or five. Relevance & gt;&gt
The next world ranking will be updated on April 6, 2023.