follow the team: Inter are no longer optimistic about renewing the contract with Shik, Paris is sure he will join in free form.

December 17, according to Inter senior team reporter Pasquale Guarro, recently Inter CEO Marotta is very optimistic about the renewal of the contract in Shikrinia, but this mood has changed, due to the postponement of negotiations many times, the attitude of the players began to be suspicious.
Marotta had said publicly that he was so optimistic about the contract renewal that he even proposed a deadline, but after some time passed, the date became more and more blurred. Even when talking about the contract renewal of Shick, the word “optimistic” is no longer widely mentioned.
At present, the atmosphere within Inter is obviously different. The future of Shikrinia is no longer biased, but is entirely in the hands of the players. It will not be surprising for Shick to make any decision now.
Inter management believes the club has done its best, offering Shike an annual salary of 13 million euros before tax (about 7 million euros after tax), which is unlikely to rise. In recent days, Inter have again arranged meetings with the players’ entourage, but the talks have been cancelled for personal reasons.
The current situation in Shikrinia is very delicate, so the Inter management wants to handle it very carefully, but the time left is running out, and the club requires the players to make a clear attitude, make a decision and inform Inter that it can’t be delayed any longer.
At the same time, some rumours from France have also spread to Milan, where Paris is convinced that an annual salary agreement of 9 million has been reached with Scorinia, who will join as a free agent in June. However, Inter know nothing about this, which is a bit like what happened to Pericic last year, when the players had reached an agreement with Conti, but the Inter management was still waiting.
As Shikrinia has always had a strong affection for the Nerazzurri, Inter hope that this time things will go differently, but the French side has been exerting pressure and Shikrinia’s silence is beginning to be suspicious. now is the time to clarify.