Following the team: Newcastle Xia Chuang inquired about Ramos but did not buy it. Now Arsenal and Chelsea are both interested

December 07 News According to the latest report by Lee Ryder, editor-in-chief of the Newcastle Chronicle, the facts
In fact, Newcastle and Eddie Howe have expressed interest in Benfica striker Gonzalo Ramos this summer.

Ramos was thought to be worth around £30million at the time, but his value skyrocketed after the Benfica striker scored a hat-trick against Switzerland.

In any case, whether Newcastle will re-sign him in January is a matter of debate.
After all Newcastle chose Alexander Isaac in the end, and Callum Wilson and Chris Wood are also competing with the Swedish star for a position. It is difficult to imagine how Newcastle will sell him the dream of becoming the main forward of St.
– The 21-year-old looks to be growing up.

But things can change quickly in football, especially in January.
As things stand yesterday, Howe insisted he has not made a firm decision on the transfer.

There have been rumors of Chris Wood being linked with Leeds United, but that has been played down within the squad over the past few days.

Arsenal and Chelsea are also thought to be interested in Ramos, but they will also know that Ramos is now very precious after he started in place of Ronaldo in the 6-1 thrashing of Switzerland and shined
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