following the team: Rome explicitly refused to share the coach with Portugal, and Jose Mourinho decided to stay in Rome.

According to a report by senior Roman team reporter Emanuele Zotti, Rome has clearly rejected the proposal of “sharing” Mourinho with the Portuguese national team. The Portuguese Football Association must pay liquidated damages if it wants to poach people, and Mourinho himself has decided to continue to coach Roma.
After a disappointing trip to the World Cup, many Portuguese fans are looking forward to Mourinho coaching the national team, but in fact, many national team and team reporters know that this is impossible. Although ace agent Mendes did mention the idea of making Jose Mourinho “both” coach of Rome and Portugal in his communication with the Portuguese Football Association, we can make it clear that this is impossible.
First of all, the Roma club believes it is impossible to “share” the manager with others in any way, especially given that Roma are paying Mourinho a salary of more than 7 million euros after taxes.
Second, if someone wants to poach Mourinho during his contract, Rome can accept the act of “paying for termination”, as many national teams have done, even though Jose Mourinho’s contract does not contain a termination clause.
Finally, this topic can actually be closed, because so far no one in the Portuguese Football Association has contacted the Roma club, although Rome also wants to express a friendly attitude, but will not leave any back door on this issue.
As for Mourinho’s own ideas, the Portuguese media announced this morning that he had asked for a four-year contract, but in fact the Portuguese Football Association knew very well that they would never match Mourinho’s salary. and Mourinho has told the Portuguese Football Association that he will not accept any pursuit because he wants to stay in Rome.
There may be more unknowns next summer, but so far Mourinho has been very firm about coaching Roma and we don’t think the Roma bench will be replaced any time soon.