Football Daily: if Shenhua is really relegated, it will undoubtedly be a catastrophic event for Chinese professional football.

December 25-there are still two rounds left in the Chinese Super League this season. Shanghai Shenhua currently ranks 10th with 43 points. The Football Daily said in an article that for Shanghai Shenhua, what is most concerned about is not the final two rounds of points, ranking geometry, but whether it will be relegated.
According to the report, the official website of the Chinese Football Association recently issued a notice urging teams to resolve all historical arrears of wages by December 31. This news is tantamount to another heavy hammer for Shanghai Shenhua, which has been deducted six points for failing to resolve historical arrears of wages. It is generally not believed that Shenhua’s historical arrears of wages can be resolved in the last week of 2022. According to the regulations of the Football Association, once the arrears of wages cannot be solved, it is no longer a matter of deducting points, but a demotion.
The Football Daily said that as one of the few teams that have not been relegated since the establishment of the Chinese professional league and whose brand value continues to this day, if Shenhua is really relegated, not to mention what it means for Shenhua fans, it must also be a catastrophic event for Chinese professional football. But now Shenhua has no other way to go but to wait. No one knows where the future is.
In addition, the work contracts of more than 20 players of the Shenhua team will expire on December 31, and a number of players will be in arrears for up to two seasons. How to keep these players in the FA Cup will be a common test for the management and the coaching staff.