Football Daily: the average age of the main lineup of Taishan team is close to 31 years old and is not thick enough and needs to be rejuvenated urgently.

December 26-according to the Football News, as the defending champion, Shandong Taishan team has begun to face the problem of aging lineup this season, and the average age of the team’s main lineup is already close to 31 years old.
This season, Shandong Taishan team has a total of 13 players in more than 15 starts, including Shi Ke, Zheng Zheng, Wang Dalei, Liu Yang, Jin Jingdao, Jixiang, Song long, Feleni, Moises, Sun Junhao, Jia Desong, Chen Pu and Cresan. The average age of this lineup is 30.77 years old, which is naturally appropriate for the 2022 season, and it is not unacceptable for the 2023 season, but if the 2023 season is not changed, the 2024 season Taishan team may be out of gear, unless you continue to buy players in the playing year.
In addition, the players of the Taishan team who have played 15 or more games are Liu Binbin, Wang Tong and Guo Tianyu, including Wu Xinghan and Liao Lisheng, who have fewer injuries. Besides Guo Tianyu, the other four players are all 29 years old.
At present, the player structure of Shandong Taishan team is mainly composed of “excellent veteran players + excellent players of the year of playing”, including next season this lineup also has a strong combat effectiveness, but the risks have begun to be revealed:
First, the main lineup and rotation lineup is only 18 people, objectively speaking, the thickness of the lineup is slightly insufficient, and more importantly, the position distribution of 18 players is not reasonable.
Second, the state of foreign aid in the key position has dropped significantly, which is mainly reflected in Felleni. In addition, Jia Desong’s injury problem is also quite worrying.
Third, and the most critical, this lineup will last for another year, that is, the 2023 season will be no problem. I am afraid something will go wrong in the 2024 season. Tarzan needs to make plans in advance.
(Nanling weeps)