Football News: 39-year-old Patricio is currently the youngest coach in the Chinese Super League and is very familiar with Nantong Zhiyun

February 1 News Recently, the newly promoted Nantong Zhiyun Club of the Chinese Super League officially announced that David-
Patricio officially became the team coach.
According to the “Football News” report, the 39-year-old Patricio is the youngest coach in the Super League in the new season. He knows Nantong Zhiyun very well and the risk of coaching is the least.

Patricio’s coaching career began 20 years ago, when he was only 18 years old, he started coaching at the Benfica Football Academy.
Since then, Patricio has almost always served as an echelon coach for Portuguese low-level league clubs.
In 2019, when Wei Xin was the coach of Nantong, Patricio served as the echelon coach.
In nearly 4 years, Patricio has been promoted from the youth training coach, the youth training director, to the first team technical director, assistant coach and head coach.

It is worth mentioning that Patricio, who only turned 39 in March, is currently the youngest coach in the Chinese Super League. His age is even more than 5 months younger than Wang Song who joined in the new season.

“Football News” analyzed that Nantong chose Patricio because he considered that the Portuguese had been in the team for 4 years and was very familiar with the team.
Nantong’s first-team and echelon players who rushed to the Super League last year knew enough about Patricio, and he was also familiar with the club’s operations, so he didn’t need to run in with the management and the first-team. For Nantong whose main goal in the new season is relegation
, might not be the least risky option.