Football News talks about the 2023 youth training plan, the expansion of the youth league and the resumption of the International Invitational Tournament

January 9 News "Football News" published an article today talking about the blueprint plan for 2023.

The article first mentioned that the Youth Football League will expand the scale of the competition. The second China Youth Football League will first expand the participating teams in 2023, focus on the local qualifiers for the U13 and U15 groups, and focus on the local competitions for the primary school group.
(There is no national competition in the group group), further expand the participating teams in the U17 and U19 groups.

In addition, in the Chinese youth competition system, in addition to the Chinese Youth Football League, the Youth Football Championship of the Chinese Football Association has been retained. The quality of the teams participating in this event is relatively higher, so the level of competition will be higher. The Chinese Football Association is planning to launch this project.

"Football News" revealed: The Chinese Football Association is currently making every effort to resume and support the International Invitational Tournament. Currently, the Chongqing Women’s Football Four Nations Tournament, which is dominated by women’s football, is under preparation. The Panda Cup, which is dominated by the National Youth Team, is under preparation.
The Weifang Cup is also on the agenda, and others such as the Jinshan Cup are also restoring the international invitational tournament system.

In terms of industry rectification, in 2023, the industry rectification against fake gambling and black games, including the fight against negative games, will continue.
What needs to be explained in particular is that the relevant actions are not only led by the Chinese Football Association or the State Sports General Administration, but also a manifestation of the country’s will to rectify football.
At present, the Chinese Football Association is also studying related methods to combat negative games, especially tacit balls.