Football News talks about the New Year’s work of Chinese football: League access is better than lack, and national football coach selection is urgent

January 30 After the Spring Festival, “Football News” published an article talking about what Chinese football needs to do after the new year
Work means that there are 8 urgent things.

The first is the youth competition.
At present, various competitions for Chinese youth football are progressing in an orderly manner, among which the second China Youth Football League is naturally the top priority. At present, this competition is also advancing steadily, and it is necessary to concentrate people, money and resources to ensure the smooth progress of the competition.

The second is that league access is better than lack.
The Football Association must strictly follow the three nodes and related penalty standards for solving historical wage arrears (2021 and previous wage arrears), as well as the 2023 access review (2022 wage arrears), and strictly review clubs, rather than excessive.

The third is the establishment of the Chinese Football Association, and the fourth is that the relevant policies of the league need to be implemented in advance: if the New Year’s competition system starts in 2024, it should be finalized and announced in early 2023 to give the club more time to prepare.
The fifth is the urgent need to select the coach of the national team. The national team training is imminent, and they will go to New Zealand for training in March, and in November, the 2026 World Cup qualifiers will start. In this case, it is natural to determine the national team coach.
, need to make up your mind and take effective action as soon as possible.

The sixth is the advancement of other basic work, including the Chinese Football Association Youth Football Work Conference, the Chinese Football Association Technical Development Conference (formerly the Chinese Football Association Coaches Conference), etc., all need to be fully restored and promoted.
The seventh is to use relevant cases to clean up the management system of the Football Association.

The eighth is the need for external forces to inject confidence into Chinese football, including but not limited to: 1. Establishing an organization to bid for the World Cup (you may not decide which World Cup to bid for temporarily), to boost confidence in the future and expand football diplomacy; 2. The Super League lottery or
The launch of the Chinese football lottery has injected confidence at the financial level; 3. Allow some central enterprises in the consumer goods industry that face the public to invest in football in appropriate ways (sponsorship, shareholding, and holding). The history of State Grid’s previous operation of Luneng Club has proved the responsibility of central enterprises
It is absolutely trustworthy; 4. Issue relevant policies to encourage private enterprises to invest in football.