Football News: The Henan team will first complete the admission work for the new season, and the Nautical Stadium will no longer be the home field

February 10 According to the “Football News” report, the Henan team will move to Zhengzhou for the new season
The Olympic Sports Center and the Navigation Stadium are no longer the home stadium.

“Football News” stated that the Henan team’s domestic players and coaching staff will return to the Zhongmu base on February 15, and officially resume physical training on the 16th.
Foreign players will report back to Zhengzhou on February 28, and the time for the foreign coaches to return to the team will be determined by the head coach Javier and will be notified later.

The newspaper later stated that the Henan team is coordinating with shareholders and re-working the investment plan for the new season, but it does not rule out the possibility of changing the shareholding.
Although the result is unknown in a short period of time, all parties have reached a consensus on the operation of the club, and completed the work of changing the home field while ensuring the completion of the new season access work.

The Henan team will move to the Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center for the new season. The Sailing Stadium is no longer the home stadium. As for whether Luoyang can become the second home stadium, there is still a question mark.
The Henan team’s share reform plan for the new season is still being further determined, and there is still some time before the final answer is released.