Football News: Wang Xiaoxue is injured, Uri Gumura is back, the Chinese women’s football roster will be adjusted

March 17 According to “Football News”, the coach of the Chinese women’s football team, Shui Qingxia, is on the front line
In terms of position and central defender, the Chinese women’s football roster has been adjusted.

In order to prepare for the Women’s World Cup, Asian Games and Paris Olympic qualifiers, the Chinese women’s football team started a new training session in Shanghai Oriental Green Boat on March 15.
Compared with the list of the first training camp this year, Shui Qingxia has adjusted the positions of forward and central defender in the second training camp.

When he went to Europe for training in February, central defender Wang Xiaoxue was injured in the match against the Irish women’s football team. He is still recovering from treatment, so he was not selected for the current national team list.
In order to make up for the vacancy in the central defender position, central defender Dou Jiaxing of Jiangsu Wuxi Women’s Football Team was selected for the current national team.
Forwards Ni Mengjie and Shao Ziqin of the Jiangsu Wuxi Women’s Football Team, who were selected for the first phase of the Chinese Women’s Football Team this year, were not included in the current women’s football list.
In addition, Tang Jiali and Xiao Yuyi, who returned to the Shanghai Women’s Football Team, were selected, while Yan Jinjin, who was selected for the first women’s football team this year, missed the chance.
Uri Gumura of Changchun Volkswagen Excellent Women’s Football Team was once again selected for the national team. She had previously represented the Chinese women’s football team in the Tokyo Olympics.

It is reported that after two weeks of domestic training, the team will start the second European training this year, and plans to warm up with the Swiss team and the Spanish team in April.

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